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aquaDucks | Introduction - AquaFit for Seniors

Our Swimming Programmes

Swim Centre Verhoef runs aquaDucksTM swimming programmes that cater to infants and pre-schoolers in Singapore. aquaDucksTM is a unique programme made up of a blend of European, USA and Australian teaching techniques. The programme has been further streamlined and developed to cater to the specific needs to those in living in Singapore.

Goal Of Programme

The main goal of our programme is to instill confidence and enhance water safety using a child-centred approach. Safety first is continually the focus of the programme. In order to maximize this, children must learn how to be independent, and to respect water. No flotation devices (ie. arm bands, rubber rings) are used during the lessons and children are taught to float independently under the supervision of an adult and expert instructor. Progression is made at the child’s pace with the coach carefully monitoring to ensure that pleasure and confidence is not compromised at any time.

Learning Through Play

Play is paramount to a young child and is part and parcel of their learning process. Children, while playing, are unaware of the skills they are developing and achieving in the aquatic environment. All of our classes are fun-filled while our coaches ensure that every child learns the fundamental skills of swimming and water safety.


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