Our Pre School programme runs at a maximum ratio of 4:1 and is a 30 minute class.

Personal safety is key to this program. Our programme is child centred and we believe in children learning at their own pace with lots of encouragement and fun. Children will develop water confidence, breath control and stamina through games, repetitions and positive reinforcement. Children will also learn basic survival strokes such as the breaststroke and freestyle, gradually increasing in distance and techniques.

Duckie Level
Pre School
(3 - 5 years)
Enhancing confidence and familiarity in water
Getting comfortable with face and hair getting wet (breath control)
Learning to orientate underwater and swim a short distance
Learning to take a breath and swim a short distance
Learning freestyle, breaststroke arms and Diving underwater. Comfortable with swimming a bigger distance
Getting ready for learn to swim. Learning to turn the feet for breaststroke legs and learning to get comfortable to swim on their back


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