About Us

Founder of aquaDucks

Welcome to aquaDucks!

It’s all the way back in 1989 that founder Koen Verhoef started his swim school with a small group of children at the Hollandse Club. As an expat kid, Koen was born in the Netherlands and grew up in many countries across the world. Between the age of 12 to 16 Koen swam competitively at the Hollandse Club himself and then moved to the Netherlands to become a swim teacher. He always remained passionate about Singapore’s water safety and returned to Singapore in his early thirties to start his own swim school, aquaDucks.

aquaDucks became very popular amongst the expatriate and local communities and has grown many folds since. Today, a bubbly team of 30 swim experts from all over the world, teaches 2500 students at our multiple venues across Singapore.

We are proud to offer a unique swim experience to our students. We are professional and extremely passionate and every single person in our team shares the belief that our students’ individual needs and water safety are key. We never stop learning and we ensure that each of us provides the most qualified and unforgettable swim experience to our students.

On behalf of the aquaDucks team, we wish you a very warm welcome.

Dive into the fun!

Koen Verhoef

Our Swimming Programme

aquaDucks’ unique swimming programme is a blend of the best European, American and Australian teaching techniques and further streamlined to the specific weather conditions and needs in Singapore. You can join our programme from the recommended age of 6 months and progress at your own pace. Besides Babies & Toddlers, Preschool and Learn to Swim programmes, we also provide Competition Training, Stroke & Development for older students and Adult Swim Training, Domestic Helper classes and (Senior) aquaFit.

Awards / Levels

The aquaDucks programme consists of 17 different levels (awards). Each award covers many different aspects, including water safety and technical skills.

  • 6-36 months: Babies & Toddlers (6 levels)
  • 3 & 4 years old: Preschool Programme (6 levels)
  • 5 years and above: Learn to Swim (5 levels)
Twice a year, we organise the aquaDucks Swim Awards (May and November) during which we celebrate the progress that each of our students has made so far.

We recommend that our students complete all 5 Learn to Swim levels to ensure their muscle memory has recorded the right stroke techniques, fine motor skills and water safety skills to be a competent swimmer.

Our Goal

The main goal of our programme is to provide each of our students with a splashing good swim journey within their comfort zone and teach them the right lifesaving and swimming techniques for life.