About Us

Founder of aquaDucks

We are aquaDucks, Singapore’s pioneer swim school for infant and pre-school swimming. Founder Koen Verhoef started with a small group of children at the Hollandse Club in 1989 and the school has grown many folds since. Today, a bubbly bunch of 40 swim experts from all over the world, teaches 2500 students across our eight different venues on the island.

Professional and dedicated, we share the belief that your child’s individual needs and water safety are key. We never stop learning and ensure our unique swimming programme provides the most qualified and unforgettable swim experience for your child.

On behalf of the aquaDucks team, I wish you all a warm welcome!

Dive into the fun!

Koen Verhoef
Managing Director

Our Swimming Programme

aquaDucks’ unique swimming programme is a blend of the best European, USA and Australian teaching techniques with an Asian flavour. We teach children from the age of 6 months and above.

Awards / Levels

The aquaDucks programme consists of 19 different levels (awards). Each award covers many different aspects, including water safety and technical skills.

Our Goal

The main goal of our programme is for your child to feel confident in and around the water and we always focus on water safety in each of our swimming classes. To encourage your child’s independence in the water, we do not use any flotation devices during the lessons (i.e. arm bands, floaties) but instead teach our students to float independently under the supervision of an adult and an expert swim coach. Progression is made at your child’s pace to ensure your child feels confident while having fun.