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aquaDucks Stays Home With You

Dear aquaDucks friends, The month of April felt as one of the longest months we’ve ever experienced in the history of our swim school. Suspension …

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Turf City Nov 19-47

Enrichment or Life Skill?

Why learning to swim is so important for your child. We often hear from parents that swimming is just one of the many activities their …

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aquaDucks Magazine 2020

Every year, we publish the annual aquaDucks magazine. Here’s where you can find all insights into our history, programme for all ages, venues, events and …

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How long does my child need to take swimming lessons?

We are often asked by parents how fast their child can be safe in the water and master the right skills to be a competent …

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Swim Survival Classes for Babies and Toddlers

We often receive requests for baby swim survival classes. Although proponents of this drowning-proof technique claim that the method is safe, acceptable and effective, at …

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Full-face Snorkelling Masks – Risks & Hazards

Snorkelling is a favourite activity amongst children when they grow older. Amazed by the underwater world, they love to dive below the water with their …

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