New Addition to the Family – Welcome Player No. 2

Raising a child is by no means a walk in the park for every family. Most if not all parents can attest to that. If we were to take the term “a walk in the park” literally, there are a number of things parents think of or have experienced with their young child. A casual … Continue reading “New Addition to the Family – Welcome Player No. 2”

Refer a Friend

Do you love swimming with aquaDucks? Tell your friends and receive a complimentary swimming lesson for each friend that joins us. We will waive the registration fee (worth $30) for your friend too. Ps. both of you also stand a chance to win one term of free swimming lessons! How does it work? 1. The Refer-a-Friend offer is … Continue reading “Refer a Friend”

aquaDucks’ swimming programme – achievable goals

Hi parents! Did you know that your child can start swimming lessons at the age of six months and that regular practise outside swimming lessons is essential? This article explains the primary achievable goals of the aquaDucks’ swimming programme divided into the following stages: 0 to 5 months – During your baby’s first months, we … Continue reading “aquaDucks’ swimming programme – achievable goals”

Water Safety For Your Child – Supervision At All Times

Dear parents, When I reflect on the 30 years that passed by since aquaDucks’ launch in 1989, my memory is flooded with happy children that are learning to swim. With the main focus on water safety – they build confidence and strength while having fun. I am thankful for my awesome profession which is a … Continue reading “Water Safety For Your Child – Supervision At All Times”

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