Swim Survival Classes for Babies and Toddlers

We often receive requests for baby swim survival classes. Although proponents of this drowning-proof technique claim that the method is safe, acceptable and effective, at …

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Full-face Snorkelling Masks – Risks & Hazards

Snorkelling is a favourite activity amongst children when they grow older. Amazed by the underwater world, they love to dive below the water with their …

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New Addition to the Family – Welcome Player No. 2

Raising a child is by no means a walk in the park for every family. Most if not all parents can attest to that. If …

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Refer a Friend

Do you love swimming with aquaDucks? Refer a friend and receive a complimentary swimming lesson for each friend that joins us. We will waive the registration …

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aquaDucks’ swimming programme – achievable goals

Hi parents! Did you know that your child can start swimming lessons at the age of six months and that regular practise outside swimming lessons …

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Water Safety For Your Child – Supervision At All Times

Dear parents, When I reflect on the 30 years that passed by since aquaDucks’ launch in 1989, my memory is flooded with happy children that …

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