1. Can we get to the venues via Public Transport?
Yes, it is possible to get to the venues via public transport. For some information on how you can locate us, please click on venue below;
Kent Ridge
Turf City
Hollandse Club
Swiss Club

2. My child tends to fall ill often. I understand I only get up to 2 make up classes as per school policies, but I think I will need more.
Yes our school policies do indeed state you can only have up to 2 make up classes per term to be completed within the term. However there is always room for flexibility here with aquaDucks 🙂

If you can provide us a doctor’s note or medical certificate excusing your child from classes we can certainly then provide any additional make up classes you may require that we can schedule when your child is feeling better. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require assistance, we are here to help 🙂

3. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, are the fees the same?
Yes the fees are the same across all ages in our Parent & child, Preschool and Learn to swim program.

Our fees are as follows:
Fees per lesson
Fees per term (based on 11-weeks)
$34.50 x 11 = $379.50

$36.50 x 11 = $401.50

A one-time registration fee of $30 per child is applicable for new registrations.
Lesson fees are charged on a termly basis (prorated to your child’s starting date) and are subject to prevailing GST rates.

4. I am concerned as you have many students and classes running, is the water clean?
Good water quality is of very high importance to us and our pool water is checked and maintained two times per day, 7 days per week. Our water is also tested monthly by an external recognised laboratory in compliance with the standard required by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The reports are always excellent (you can always find a copy of the reports hung up by the poolside office).

5. I have a 4 month old, can he join your program yet?
We encourage infants to start lessons at 6 months old mainly for the following reasons;
– Their neck is normally stronger and can hold their head steadily by this age
– They are like to have their necessary vaccination jabs
– They are able to express themselves better
Do drop us a trial request about 2 weeks prior to when he turns 6 months old and we can schedule a trial session for him then

6. By what age will my child be able to swim on his/her own?
It truly differs from individual to individual. We have younger students who are very confident in the water and are consistent with attending the lessons, it helps them to progress faster. We also have students who are older but have had an unpleasant swimming experience before that caused them to have a fear of water and as such, it does take more time for them to overcome their fear and become a confident swimmer. Rest assured, our experienced coaches are there to advise when a child is ready to progress to the next level. We cater to every child’s individual needs as we understand that every child is unique and learn differently.

7. Is it an indoor pool?
Our pools at our Newton, Dempsey and Turf City pool are outdoors, however they are sheltered and temperature regulated pools.

Our Nexus and OCC pools are regular outdoor pools and are not sheltered.

8. What is the benefit of Salt Chlorination in your Dempsey and Newton Pools?
Since ancient times, the antiseptic properties of salty water have been widely known, especially for treating eye, skin and nose infections.

Disinfection is more efficient due to the combined action of the chlorine and other agents that are generated during electrolysis (active oxygen) and to the oxidisation on the electrodes by the organic matter in the water.

A more enjoyable swimming experience
There will be no unpleasant smell of chlorine and sore eyes. You will no longer need to suffer from skin irritation and sore eyes, as the chloramines that cause these effects are destroyed. You will only notice a slight taste of salt. The water will be disinfected and you and your family will be protected against all germs.

9. Do you do a private and ad-hoc basis lessons?
Our lessons are conducted at different venues such as Tanglin Village, Turf City, Orchid Country Club and Nexus International School. It is in a group setting of 30 minutes lesson.

The lessons are on termly basis, however you may join us in the middle of the term and we will prorate the fee accordingly. We cannot accommodate adhoc requests unless it is for extra classes on top of your termly program.

All sessions are conducted in groups so there are no private lessons provided.

10. What happen if there’s a thunderstorm during the lesson?
In the event of heavy rain, thunder and lightning you can call ahead our weather line to check if your lesson is running. Please note, if the phone is not answered it means that lessons are running and we can’t answer it because we’re in the water teaching. The weather in Singapore can change suddenly, so we seek your understanding should there be instances where lessons have to be cancelled and you’ve already made the journey.

Should your class be cancelled due to lightning, we will arrange a replacement class if the lesson was conducted less than 15 minutes. Lessons conducted for 15mins or more will consider as a full lesson.

11. Do you do a SwimSafer program?
We do not certify for the SwimSafer program, however we will be happy to provide you with an appraisal letter which includes the breakdown of your child’s Proficiency level.

12. How do I arrange for payment?
Payment can be made via online transfer or by way of cheque. Kindly only arrange for payment after receiving the invoice.