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Full-face Snorkelling Masks – Risks & Hazards


Full-face Snorkelling Masks – Risks & Hazards

Snorkelling is a favourite activity amongst children when they grow older. Amazed by the underwater world, they love to dive below the water with their snorkelling mask to explore subaquatic treasures. Nowadays, full-face snorkelling masks are becoming extremely popular. Unfortunately, easy-breath type snorkelling equipment can lead to dangerous situations. As a fact an alarming increase in snorkel related deaths has been reported worldwide.

Authorities have investigated the risks and safety experts say that full-face snorkelling masks. Research shows that they may be prone to an increased risk of carbon dioxide build-up inside the mask. This can cause snorkelers to become dizzy or disoriented. Also, tighter-fitting head straps may make it harder to pull off in an emergency.

Full-face masks are designed for recreational and easy surface snorkelling. This means that you are just floating on the surface and looking down at the fish and other marine life. It’s not for swimming or diving underwater. If you need to swim against waves, in currents or with effort, it’s recommended to use a traditional mask and snorkel.

Our advice is to only buy and use quality full-face snorkelling equipment that underwent compliant testing and that fits properly. We also recommend that you (and your child) carefully read the safety instructions and understand the usage and risks of the equipment.

Whether you (and / or your child) wear a full-face snorkelling mask or traditional snorkelling equipment – remember to be careful and supervise your child at all times. An accident can happen at any time – even without snorkelling material.

Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly coordinators. We are happy to assist.

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