How long does my child need to take swimming lessons?


How long does my child need to take swimming lessons?

We are often asked by parents how fast their child can be safe in the water and master the right skills to be a competent swimmer.

Unless a miracle happens, learning to swim can’t be done overnight. In general, it will take several years before a child has built up the muscle memory and masters the four strokes with proper technique.

Your baby can start swimming at the age of 6 months

The sooner you enrol your child in swimming lessons, the faster your child will be comfortable with water and learn how to be safe in and around water.

At aquaDucks your child can start swimming from the age of 6 months. In our baby and toddler programme (6 – 36 months), infants and toddlers are thought to be safe in the water first and then learn to turn to swim back to the wall in case they accidentally fall in the water. Accompanied with music, songs and many games, we create a fun and encouraging environment that leaves a smile on each of our students faces.

The aquaDucks preschool programme

In our preschool programme for 3 and 4 years old students, your child will learn lifesaving and breathing techniques and is introduced to Backstroke, Freestyle and Butterfly with the rough motor skills. At the end of this programme, students can dive to the bottom of the pool to pick up a toy, swim Freestyle with refined arms and legs movement and make a Safety Jump to return back to the wall.

The Learn to Swim Programme for 5 – 8 years olds

From the age of 5 onwards, your child can join our Learn to Swim programme during which we will focus on mastering all strokes with the right techniques. First, we start with Freestyle, then Backstroke, Butterfly and last but not least the Breaststroke. The goal for your child is to master the technique on a short distance first. We focus on a good kick and arms which will allow your child to gain speed. From here we add the breathing techniques and before you know your child can swim 25 meters of Freestyle.

Duration of the lesson

Until your child reaches Learn to Swim level 5, the aquaDucks lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Level 5 is a 45-minutes swimming lesson and from level 6 the lessons are 60 minutes.

The recommended amount of swimming lessons to build-up muscle memory

Research has shown that the skills a child learns before the age of 8 can be lost if it’s not maintained. One of the most important parts of the learn-to-swim journey is the muscle memory build-up. Therefore, we advise each of our students to complete the 6 Learn to Swim levels as it allows the muscles to record each of the strokes and techniques with the required amount of swim hours.

In general, an aquaDucks student will be a competent swimmer after completing the 6th Learn to Swim level (equivalent of 120 swim hours) at the age of 8.

External factors that influence the learn to swim journey

Of course, there are external factors that can boost your child’s swimming journey, such as the consistency and frequency of the lessons and even the fact of having siblings that your child can imitate. Either way, our swimming programme ensures that each of our students will learn to swim at their own pace and comfort.

My child is 8 and wants to continue swimming!

There is no reason to stop swimming after your child turns 8. Swimming is a fun and healthy activity with little impact on the joints. From the age of 9 years, you child can join our Competition Training, Stroke & Development and Water Polo lessons too!

One thing to not forget – although your child is a very strong swimmer, supervision remains key to ensure your child is safe in and around the water.

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