Address: 29 Harding Road, Singapore 249537 (next to St. James’ Church Kindergarten)
Weather Line: 9820 2248

The pool at this venue is custom-built, temperature regulated, salt chlorinated and covered. It also has a private waiting area, toilets and heated showers. There is free parking along Harding Road and in The White Rabbit restaurant car park.

We offer the following classes:

  • Baby Swimming/Parent & Child
  • Preschool
  • Learn to Swim


Lesson hours:

AM8:45am – 12pm8:45am – 12pm8:45am – 12pm8:45am – 12pm8:30am – 12pm8:30am – 12pm
PM2pm – 6pm2pm – 6pm2pm – 6pm2pm – 6pm2pm – 6pm2pm – 6pm