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Learn to Swim

In our Learn to Swim (LTS) programme, we focus on stroke perfection for all four strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. Our child-centred programme combines stamina building and water safety in a positive atmosphere to maximise learning.

The average age for our Learn to Swim programme: 5 years & above.

At this age, children are mostly able to understand corrections and stroke technique, which registers in the muscle memory. Research has proven that it is recommended for children to have swimming lessons at least until the age of nine, as this will help register the correct technical movements for lifelong safety and enjoyment in the water.

Our Proficiency curriculum is as follows:

Level 1 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

*Water Familiarisation
Teaching points:

  • Breath Control
  • Submersion
  • Assisted Front Float
  • Assisted Back Float

Level 2 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

*Learning Flutter Kick and breathing independently
Teaching points:

  • Streamline Glide
  • Flutter Kick
  • Back Float
  • Learning to Breathe

Level 3 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

At this point, excellent stroke techniques and muscle memory should be at a more advanced stage. We now focus on stroke perfection and gently increasing distances.

* Learning Freestyle Arms and Backstroke Kick
Teaching points:

  • Freestyle arms
  • Introduction to Side Breathing
  • Backstroke Kick
  • Sitting Dive

Level 4 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

* Perfecting Freestyle and Backstroke
Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 25 metres
  • Backstroke for 10 metres
  • Introduction to Dolphin Kick
  • Kneeling Dive

Level 5 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

*Refining Freestyle and Backstroke and learning Breaststroke, Butterfly, Survival Backstroke and increasing distance
Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 50 metres
  • Backstroke for 25 metres
  • Breaststroke for 50 metres
  • Butterfly for 10 metres
  • Lifesaving Backstroke for 25 metres
  • Squatting Dive

Level 6 (30-minutes | ratio 6:1)

*Focusing on perfecting stroke techniques, lifesaving skills and building stamina.
Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 100 metres
  • Backstroke for 50 metres
  • Breaststroke for 100 metres
  • Butterfly for 15 metres
  • Lifesaving Backstroke for 50 metres
  • Introduction to Racing Dive, Turn and Finish

We organise award swimming for all levels twice a year. During the awards we examine lifesaving skills (swimming with clothes on), proper techniques (age appropriate) and distance stamina building (age appropriate).

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