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Swim Survival Classes for Babies and Toddlers


Swim Survival Classes for Babies and Toddlers

We often receive requests for baby swim survival classes. Although proponents of this drowning-proof technique claim that the method is safe, acceptable and effective, at aquaDucks we disagree.

In the swim survival programme, toddlers and babies are repeatedly dropped into the water and taught to roll onto their backs in an effort to save their own lives. Too often, the babies scream and cry in panic, don’t hold their breath and don’t float subsequently. Critics say that this method is based on a conditioning that is unnecessarily aggressive. Forcing a baby or toddler to float relies on extreme traumatic methods and memory of inflicted pain. It just gets pushed into the recesses of our brain, where it is recorded. While some children might escape unscathed, for others the trauma may resurface in later years and cause a fear of the water.

At aquaDucks we believe that learning to swim should take place in a positive and fun environment. In the comfort of our heated pools, aquaDucks’ baby and toddler classes are parent-accompanied to ensure our little students feel safe and at ease. Through the constant repetition of games, songs and play, our dedicated coaches teach the toddlers to go underwater, turn around and swim back to the wall. Always bringing a smile on their and our faces.

While we completely agree that teaching water safety should be the core of our swimming programme, we morally can’t agree with this drown-proofing methodology. We believe that our swimming programme should be gentler, child-centered and provide parents with the best example to follow.

After all – supervision is the key for water safety. Even if your child is a great swimmer, we as parents and caregivers should keep our eyes on our child at all times. That’s the one and only 100% drown-proofing method.

Source: https://www.sta.co.uk/news/2017/06/23/drown-proofing-your-child-the-baby-swimming-industry-speaks-out/

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