Our Swimming Programmes - Club Venues

You can join our swimming programmes at the Hollandse Club and Swiss Club from the age of 6 months and progress and your own pace. Both clubs follow the aquaDucks swimming programme. However, at the Hollandse Club we teach the Dutch ABC (Learn to Swim) programme. Besides our renown Babies & Toddlers, Preschool and Learn to Swim programmes, we also provide Competitive Training, Adults classes and (senior) aquaFit training.

The unique aquaDucks programme is a blend of the best European, American and Australian teaching techniques and is further streamlined to the specific needs of the Singaporean weather conditions and environment.

Goal Of Programme

Water safety and fun come first in our Babies & Toddlers and Preschool swimming programmes. We find it important that our students learn survival skills from a very young age to be independent and safe in the water. Our swim coaches encourage students to float independently and swim back to the wall for their safety under the supervision of their parent and expert swim coach. We do not use any flotation devices during the lessons. 

In our Learn to Swim programme, your child will learn to master all strokes with the right techniques and build up stamina. Before you know it your child will swim 25 metres of Freestyle. Progression is made at each individual child’s pace. We ensure that each class is lots of fun to make students feel happy, safe and confident.

Learning Through Play

Play is the key to success for a child to become a safe and competent swimmer and is part and parcel of their learning process. While playing, children are unaware of the skills they are developing and achieving in the aquatic environment. In our Babies & Toddlers and Preschool classes we sing songs and play while we practise personal survival and rough motor skills. In our Learn to Swim programme we focus stroke technique and stamina building with less songs and play, but we always ensure our students have a big smile on their faces during class.