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aquaFit is a great full-body workout as water adds resistance to your exercises. Hence, you can tone your muscles and improve your stamina – while being easy on your joints. Challenge your body during this 45-minute lesson, and burn up to 400 calories. aquaFit allows you to build cardio, strength and resistance while unwinding on uplifting beats. As these classes are great fun, they will leave a smile on your face and a fit body.

The top eight benefits of aquaFit:

  1. Increases muscle strength
  2. Builds endurance
  3. Increases flexibility – the resistance of water allows your joints to increase the range of motion naturally.
  4. It’s a low-impact exercise
  5. Alleviates pressure on the joints
  6. Increases relaxation and positive energy
  7. Burns calories – the mix of strength, cardio and water resistance gives your body a full workout. Depending on your cardio, weight and the water temperature, you may burn up to 400 calories during this class.
  8. Cooling exercise – exercising in Singapore’s humidity and heat may not seem very appealing. However, as aquaFit takes place in the pool, it is a crisp and refreshing way to exercise. Hence, you won’t be struggling in the heat! 


  • Hollandse Club
  • Turf City