8 benefits of aquaFit

Working out in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities one can take part in. One 45-minute lesson of aquaFit with aquaDucks burns 350-400 calories. aquaFit builds cardio, strength and resistance while being easy on the joints and takes place in a cool and relaxing atmosphere!

Here are the top eight benefits of aquaFit:

  1. Increases muscle strength
  2. Builds endurance
  3. Increases flexibility – as the body is subject to water resistance during aqua-aerobic exercise, the joints naturally increase their range of motion
  4. It’s a low-impact exercise
  5. Alleviates pressure on the joints
  6. Increases relaxation and positive energy
  7. Burns calories – the combination of strength and cardio workouts mixed with water resistance during aquatic exercise ensures the body is getting a full workout. Depending on cardio activity, weight, water temperature, volume and buoyancy, the body can burn between 350-400 calories for 45 minutes of exercise
  8. Cooling exercise – as temperatures rise and humidity draws near, exercising in the burning sun may suddenly not seem so appealing. aquaFit is a cool, crisp and refreshing way to exercise, and you won’t be struggling in the heat! 


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