Adult Swim Training

Masters swimming by aquaDucks

The objective of the Adult Swim Training Programme is to promote health, wellness and competition through swimming. We also focus on race techniques and theory for open-water swimming.

Our training programme focuses on:

  • Stroke efficiency
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Speed/pacing


  • Nexus
  • Swiss Club

Triathlon Swim training by aquaDuckS

Did you know that 90% of triathletes and Ironman competitors struggle with their swimming? Triathlon swim training is designed to help you prepare for the swimming leg of your Ironman or triathlon race. The swimming section of a triathlon or Ironman is always the first event, which involves a mass start in a lake or in the sea. Swimming is not only important for your development as a triathlete or an Ironman but it is also important for recovery from the other two disciplines – cycling and running.