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Competitive Swim Training

Competitive Swim Training is for swimmers who want to continue improving their swimming. The entry-level of this programme is the completion of all Learn to Swim levels. Once a student masters all Learn To Swim levels, they will use the correct Breaststroke and Freestyle strokes the basics of the Backstroke and Butterfly techniques.

During the Competitive Swim Training, our swim coaches focus on: stroke correction, duration, further developing swim techniques and prepare for start and turns.

The Competitive Swim Training is ideal for swimmers who want to swim faster and as an option to join national and international swim races.

To reach the best results, we recommend each student to attend a minimum of two training sessions per week. However, to excel in swimming, it’s better to join all training sessions of up to five times per week!

The Competitive Swim Training is for students aged nine years & above.


  • Compete amongst social swim clubs in Singapore. The above is excellent for the development of young swimmers
  • Instil in young swimmers the rules of competitive swimming
  • Promote friendship among the participating clubs
  • Organise swim meets regularly. All while adopting the SSA and FINA rules or slight modifications of these rules


  • Hollandse Club
  • Swiss Club

CD 1 (ratio 12:1)

  • Focus on 25 metres races
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly with a good rhythm
  • Diving

CD 2 (ratio 12:1)

  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Introduction to racing dive

CD 3

  • Focus on 50 metres races
  • Breaststroke for 50 metres (including start, turn and finish)
  • Freestyle for 50 metres (including start, turn and finish)
  • Butterfly for 50 metres (including start, turn and finish)
  • Backstroke for 50 metres (including start, turn and finish)
  • 100 metres Individual Medley

CD 4 (60-minutes training)

Here, we focus on individual competitions at National and International levels/standards.