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Learn to Swim

From the age of five onwards, your child can join our Learn to Swim programme and will learn to master all four strokes with the right techniques. First, we start with Freestyle, followed by Backstroke, Butterfly and last but not least, Breaststroke. The goal for your child is to master the techniques within a short distance first. We focus on the form of the strokes through coordination between the arms and legs, which will allow your child to gain speed while swimming. Following which, we add the breathing techniques, and before you know it, your child will be able to swim the different strokes with proper forms.

Your child will be a competent swimmer after completing all Learn to Swim levels (the equivalent of 120 swim hours) at the average age of 8.

Our Learn to Swim Programme is for students of 5 years and above.

Level 1 (30-minutes | ratio 5:1)

*Water Familiarisation

Teaching points:

  • Breath Control
  • Submersion
  • Assisted Front float
  • Assisted Back float

Level 2 (30-minutes | ratio 5:1)

*Learning Flutter kick and coming up to breathe independently while in the water.

Teaching points:

  • Streamline glide
  • Flutter kick
  • Back float
  • Learning to come up to breathe in the water

Level 3 (30-minutes | ratio 5:1) / (45 minutes | ratio 8:1)

At this point, excellent stroke techniques and muscle memory should be at a more advanced stage. We now focus on stroke perfection and gently increasing distances.

* Learning Freestyle arms and Backstroke kick

Teaching points:

  • Freestyle arms
  • Introduction to side breathing
  • Backstroke kick
  • Sitting dive

Level 4 (45 minutes | ratio 8:1) / (60 minutes | ratio 12:1)

Perfecting Freestyle and Backstroke

Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 25 metres
  • Backstroke for 10 metres
  • Introduction to Dolphin kick
  • Kneeling dive

Level 5 (45 minutes | ratio 8:1) / (60 minutes | ratio 12:1)

*Refining Freestyle and Backstroke and learning Breaststroke, Butterfly, Survival Backstroke and increasing swimming distance.

Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 50 metres
  • Backstroke for 25 metres
  • Breaststroke for 50 metres
  • Butterfly for 10 metres
  • Lifesaving Backstroke for 25 metres
  • Squatting dive

Level 6 (60-minutes | ratio 12:1)

*Focusing on perfecting stroke techniques, lifesaving skills and building stamina.

Teaching points:

  • Freestyle for 100 metres
  • Backstroke for 50 metres
  • Breaststroke for 100 metres
  • Butterfly for 15 metres
  • Lifesaving Backstroke for 50 metres
  • Introduction to Racing dive, turn and finish

We organise award swimming for all levels twice a year. During the awards, we examine lifesaving skills (swimming with clothes on), proper techniques (age-appropriate) and distance stamina building (age-appropriate).