Parent & Child

Your child will enjoy our Parent & Child programme, where he or she learns to build confidence in the water through songs and games. It is a parent-accompanied programme, which focuses on parent-and-child bonding, unconditional love and repetition within the comfort zone of the child. Emphasis will be on enjoyment in the water and learning through play, where babies and kids can learn to be skilful and safe in and around the water.

Submersion and personal survival skills are also practiced when your child displays his or her readiness. The main aim of this programme is for every child to be happy, ‘free’ and safe in the water.

The key role of the parent’s participation in the programme is to be the personal coach under the professional guidance of our friendly and experienced swim coaches.

The age group for our Duckling (Parent & Child) programme: 6 months to 4,5 years

Level 1 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Water familiarisation
  • Pre-submersion exercises
  • Encouraging self-exploration

Level 2 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Safe entry into and exit from the pool
  • Learning breath control and submersion
  • Water play focusing on getting face and head wet
  • Encouraging kicking with support

Level 3 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Unassisted jump to the parent/instructor
  • Demonstrating breath-holding skills
  • Kicking and retrieving toy with submersion
  • Learning how to swim to parent/instructor

Level 4 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Jumping in, turning around and swimming back to the wall (assisted)
  • Climbing out of the pool (assisted)
  • Learning how to swim towards parents from the wall
  • Swimming underwater for at least three seconds

Level 5 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Learning to come up to breathe
  • Rhythmic breathing with support
  • Introduction to floating on back
  • Personal safety (turning around and swimming back to the wall)

Level 6 (30-minutes lesson, ratio 6:1)

Teaching points:

  • Increasing distance using rough motor skills
  • Rhythmic breathing without support
  • Increasing distance of swimming underwater
  • Retrieving objects from bottom of the pool

Learning Through Play

Play is paramount to a young child and is part and parcel of their learning process. Infants and children, while playing, are unaware of the skills they are developing and achieving in the aquatic environment. All of our classes are fun filled, while our coaches ensure that every child learns the fundamental skills of swimming and water safety.