Preschool Swimming

The Babies & Toddlers programme is followed by our preschool (Duckie) programme. Children learn lifesaving and breathing techniques and are introduced to the Freestyle stroke and Survival Swimming. At the end of this programme, your child can dive to the bottom of the pool to pick up toys, swim Freestyle with refined arms and legs movement, make a safety jump into the pool and return back to the wall.

Our Duckie Programme is designed for 3 and 4 year olds. 

Level 1 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Parent-accompanied)

Familiarisation with water

Teaching points:

  • Water exploration
  • Pre-submersion exercises
  • Kicking with support

Level 2 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Parent-accompanied)

*Learning to go underwater
Teaching points:

  • Complete submersion
  • Gliding
  • Assisted kicking
  • Unassisted jump to instructor/parent from the edge of the pool

Level 3 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Parent-accompanied)

*Learning rhythmic breathing with support
Teaching points:

  • Swim for 3 metres (Flutter kick)
  • Glide to the wall for 5 seconds
  • Rhythmic breathing with support
  • Assisted Back float

Level 4 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Parent-accompanied)

*Learning to breathe independently
Teaching points:

  • Jump and swim to instructor/parent
  • Assisted jump into the water and return to the wall
  • Assisted Flutter kick for 10 metres with kickboard
  • Unassisted Back float for 3 seconds

Level 5 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Unaccompanied class)

*Unaccompanied swimming, performing Freestyle Arms and returning to the wall for safety.
Teaching points:

  • Swim Freestyle for 10 metres
  • Unassisted jump, retrieve toy from the surface and return to the wall
  • Unassisted Star float for 10 seconds
  • Retrieve object from the bottom of the pool (minimum depth of 1 metre)

Level 6 (30-minutes | ratio 4:1 | Unaccompanied class)

*Swimming Freestyle with refined arms and legs movement, making a safety jump (returning to the wall for safety).
Teaching points:

  • Swim Freestyle for 10 metres (refined arms and legs)
  • Flutter kick with kickboard for 15 metres
  • Retrieve toy from the bottom of the pool
  • Star float on back to front and front to back

Learning is Fun!

Fun is an important element in the Learn to Swim journey. All our Preschool swimming lessons are filled with songs and games while our coaches ensure that every child learns the fundamental skills of swimming and water safety.