Rose R

“It has been my top priority to send my daughter for swimming lessons, and aquaDucks is my choice. My daughter has been with aquaDucks from when she was eight months old and she is now five years old. Thank you to all the coaches, especially to coach Anna, my daughter’s coach, for her dedication and patience. My daughter always enjoys her lessons.”

Marie, mum of Henri and Quentin

“My sons have learnt how to swim with aquaDucks. What I really appreciate with their methodology is that kids learn how to swim nicely but mainly efficiently: good movements to swim at good speed with minimum tiredness (Dutch method: you need to be able to swim in difficult circumstances…). They also learn about safety in the water and outside the water.

Cherry on the cake: as lessons are run in a playful style, kids are given confidence in the water. I saw kids afraid of water being poured on their heads diving and swimming underwater in a few weeks. And having fun with it!

Sarah and Martin Harvey

“Can I just say how grateful we are to you for all you have done to make swimming so enjoyable for our girls. We have seen the improvement in their fitness and technique, but more importantly I think you have given them swimming as a lifelong fitness tool – and for that we are sincerely thankful.”

Elisa, mum of Amelia

“We are really pleased with her progress recently as the coaches have worked hard to get her over a ‘I don’t want to swim anymore’ phase that lasted several months. She now loves swimming again.”

Amanda Diaz, mum of Benito

“Maya has been swimming with aquaDucks coaches since she was almost five months till 14 months old. She is now very comfortable in the water, she loves her swimming lessons and coaches! Thanks a lot, aquaDucks team!”

Sally, mum of Samuel

“Our children have been attending aquaDucks for six years. It has been so wonderful for them to learn to be safe in the water and enjoy pool time. We are so very grateful to have had Coach Annabelle throughout this time who has been delightful with our kids and the whole class. We have made some lovely friends over the years.”

Nasarath Burveen

“My Daughter has been with Aqua ducks – Newton for more than a year now. We are extremely pleased and impressed with her progress in learning to swim. We highly recommend Teacher John who is able to connect well with the kiddos and teaches in the best possible way. Looking forward to enrolling my younger daughter in the near future as well. Great job Aquaducks.”

Xinying Ling

“My son is a bona fide introvert who was terrified of water. We had swim classes at another school previously and it traumatized him. To be very honest, I was stressed out about starting swim classes again after a 2 year hiatus. Coach Jen and Bonnie have been amazing allaying my fears and coach Jen built rapport with my son so quickly. Son ended up having fun and wanting more. Thank you so so much!”

Catherine Seah

“ Best place to learn swimming ever! Both my boy and girl started with aquaDucks at 1 year old and my boy and girl are already 6 and 2 years old now!
They really love water and are always excited about going to their swim classes! I love the way AquaDucks instil play into their learning and make all of them confidence in the water! Lessons are always fun filled and the coaches are loving too. Now my boy can confidently swim a lap and dive into the deepest part of the pool while my girl could jump into water and go underwater easily.
The admin is also the best – always friendly in organizing make up classes for them. The finance team also understand that there are special times and will make concession for us.”