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aquaDucks’ swimming programme – achievable goals


aquaDucks’ swimming programme – achievable goals

Hi parents!

Did you know that your child can start swimming lessons at the age of six months and that regular practise outside swimming lessons is essential?

This article explains the primary achievable goals of the aquaDucks’ swimming programme divided into the following stages:

0 to 5 months – During your baby’s first months, we recommend starting with a home bathing programme. Being familiar with water in mommy’s womb, this programme nurtures your baby’s water comfort soon after birth. Explore here aquaDucks’ home bathing article for infants.

6 months to 1 year – Once your baby turns six months and has received the third immunisation injection, it’s safe to go to the swimming pool and start swimming lessons. In our parent & child swimming class, we focus on parent & child bonding, love for the water and strengthening of breath holding and submersion skills.

2 to 3 years – In the third stage, our swimming programme focuses on the extension of underwater swimming. Depending on each child’s comfort and readiness, we introduce rhythmic and independent breathing and teach the rough motor skills. As repetition is key, we strongly recommend your child to swim up to three times per week outside lesson time to improve water comfort, confidence and skills.

4 to 5 years – We can now work on distance and stamina while further strengthening the rough motor skills. Five is the recommended age to introduce refined motor skills, strong breath control and to build up the muscle memory. Your child will gradually swim longer distances while maintaining correct technique.

5 to 8 years – At the age of five most children master two strokes. Until your child reaches eight, we work on the refinement of all stroke techniques and teach water safety and lifesaving skills. It is extremely important that your child keeps swimming throughout this stage. Aside from the obvious health, stamina and safety benefits, regular practice is advised to develop muscle memory.

9 years and above – At this stage your child should be a strong swimmer. Besides being able to swim all four strokes proficiently, your child is also fully equipped with water safety knowledge. Your child could now join a competitive squad. The body is physically strong and muscle memory well developed.

For any additional information on our swimming programme, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via info@aquaducks.com.sg or by filling out our website contact form.

Dive into the fun!

Koen Verhoef

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