Water Safety – The Importance of Supervision

When reflecting on aquaDucks’ history since it launch in 1989, my memory floods with happy kids in the swimming pool. Keeping water safety in the root, my students build confidence and strength while having fun during class. Being a swim coach and owner of aquaDucks swim school brings me so much joy. I am proud of aquaDucks’ extensive growth and to have taught -with my team – thousands of children to swim and to be safe in the water.

Stimulate your child’s growth

As a father of four and grandfather of two (with one on the way), I know how important it is to focus on our children. We need to nurture their needs and ensure they develop themselves at their fullest. It’s a responsibility that requires patience, knowledge and most of all unconditional love. These are also the values of aquaDucks swim school.

Supervision is key

Although knowing how to swim has many benefits and contributes to water safety, it never guarantees your child is safe. It is our responsibility as caregivers, parents and coaches to prevent our children from drowning.

Keep your eyes on your child at all times and your child will be safe at all times (we call it SUPERVISION).

This is a simple message that may seem too simple. However, if we as caregivers and parents diligently stick to it, immediate action can be taken to keep our children safe in and around the water.

Extra water safety tips:

  • Boost your child’s health and safety by visiting the pool regularly (2-3 times per week). This allows your child to create confidence, boost breath control and at the same time stimulate health and safety benefits.
  • Qualify yourself (parent or caregiver) in first aid and CPR
  • Let your child play and have fun, but always stay within one-arm length reach so you can take immediate action if needed.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Dive into the fun – supervise your children at all times.

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