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What to expect when your child returns to swimming lesson? (after the Circuit Breaker)

Two boys at the swimming pool splashing water and having fun. Friends playing on the water of a summer day.

What to expect when your child returns to swimming lesson? (after the Circuit Breaker)

We’re very excited to announce that we can finally re-open our pools on 01 July 2020. We can’t wait to welcome all students back to the pool.

While our coaches are preparing our venues for a safe re-opening, our office team is finalising the schedules for resumption. We strictly follow the SSA and Multi-Ministry Taskforce Phase 2 safety guidelines.

Safety Measures

The safety and well being of our students, team and their families is our top priority. Therefore, we have carefully thought out safety measures at all our venues, including:

  • Safe entry and exit procedures
  • Temperature taking
  • Designated waiting areas
  • Staggered lesson timings
  • Fixed teaching venue for our coaches
  • Swimmers to arrive swim-ready
  • Sharing of equipment is not allowed

There will be a Safe Management Officer at each location who can answer any questions you may have.


To avoid overcrowding on our premises, all swimmers must arrive in swimwear under their regular clothes and bring their equipment. Think of goggles, a kickboard and pool toys, for example. If your child is not potty-trained, they should wear a swim nappy.

Safe Distancing

In line with the SSA Guidelines, we have implemented the following safe-distancing measures:

  • Out of the pool: please maintain 1-metre distance.
  • In the pool: we will maintain 3-metre distance between classes
  • Safe-distancing between students in the same lesson
  • Between coach and student: the swim coach will adopt the most appropriate position and distance where possible and always puts water safety first.

Class Sizes

Our lesson times will be staggered. We have implemented a 10-minute break in between classes to avoid any overlap between students that arrive and leave.

  • Class sizes are limited to 5 students per coach.
  • For parent-accompanied classes: we allow two students + one accompanying parent for each (total of four) per coach

The first class back

After almost three months away from the pool – you might wonder how your child’s first swimming class will be. How will your child react? Will your child remember the skills they have learned in the previous lessons?
No worries! Swimming is like cycling, and the more you practice, the more this skill will store in your long-term muscle memory. For the first lessons back, our coaches will focus on:

  • Students to rebuild trust and confidence with their coach.
  • Students to feel comfortable in and around the water
  • Refreshing and remembering swimming skills
  • We will have lots of fun!
  • All of the above at your child’s pace

Water Safety

We have trained all our staff and coaches to optimise water safety. However, we still advise parents to act as lifeguards and to always supervise your child in and around the water. Especially after a long break, supervision is vital and the only 100% drown-proof method.


Wondering what our coaches have been up to during the Circuit Breaker? They have been working on improved lesson plans in line with the SSA safety measures and each student’s swimming needs.

Now that the re-opening is near – our coaches can’t wait to resume what they do best – teach swimming! They will wear a facemask when out of the pool and a face shield during the swimming lesson.

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email us or reach out to us via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Let’s dive back into the fun!




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